1951 Coffee Guatemala beans

1951 Coffee Guatemala beans

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Our 1951 Coffee Guatemala is made entirely from premium Arabica beans grown by Don Horst Spitzke on his farm “Flor del Rosario” in Alta Verapaz in the north of Guatemala. A carefully tuned roasting process has been tailored precisely for the beans, which are roasted traditionally by hand in small batches of 60 kg. In order to release the optimum flavour profile, the roasting process is carefully monitored throughout by a roasting expert. Air pressure, weather and temperature are all taken into account in determining the perfect moment to remove the beans from the traditional drum roaster, ready to start their journey to your mug. This meticulously tuned roasting process, the care that goes into farming the beans, and the lush local climate blend into a unique coffee – give it a try!



You’ll love the intense chocolate caramel aromas, zesty citrus notes, and rich, sweet aftertaste of our 1951 Coffee Guatemala.

Ideal whether you favour a traditional filter coffee or a luxurious creamy coffee from an automatic machine.

This Oswald coffee is roasted in Switzerland. 



Without gluten

* Without gluten means: The list of ingredients for this product does not include any ingredients containing gluten. The classification has been made on the basis of the raw materials data utilised. All information relates only to the sales product - preparation factors are not taken into account.


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