1951 Roasted vegetable Bouillon

1951 Roasted vegetable Bouillon

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The 1951 roasted vegetable bouillon is made to a traditional recipe for a bouillon that tastes just like it did in the days of Meinrad Oswald.

From its founding to the present day, Oswald has been driven by our passion for exquisite flavours and aromas. And the newest Oswald creations are no exception: for our seventieth birthday, we have put all our tender loving care into creating a unique, refined and exquisite product line combining “the best of Oswald”. Hereby introducing: Oswald “1951”. Every day, our Master Épiciers bring to bear their passion, knowledge and experience as they investigate, test and blend spices and ingredients from all over the world to create new, delicious, astonishing products. Products that will be stars in any kitchen and add a splash of haute cuisine to every dish. The fine quality delicacies in our “1951” range are bursting with intense flavour and truly sensations for the taste buds. Limited stocks available!



There's one thing we're sure of: our company founder Meinrad Oswald would love our “1951” Roasted Vegetable Bouillon. After all, it has a real traditional bouillon flavour just as in Meinrad Oswald’s day. This can be attributed to the fact that the intense, authentic roasted vegetable bouillon is made by hand on Oswald’s own premises in Steinhausen, to the traditional recipe. We use fresh Swiss vegetables, steamed and roasted in a big pan with a splash of rapeseed oil and tomato puree, just the way it's always been done. There are absolutely no preservatives, flavour-enhancers or additional sugar. From Switzerland with love!



The traditional recipe and methods give the “1951” Roasted Vegetable Bouillon its unique aroma and intense roasted vegetable flavour. It's just the thing for adding a rich roasty note to all kinds of dishes. The bouillon’s semi-solid, creamy paste form makes it perfect for marinating vegetables or adding a little je ne sais quoi to meat or mushroom dishes, as well as its traditional use as a rich base for soups, sauces and stews. Try this unique bouillon now and marinate yourself in the culinary world of Meinrad Oswald.



This bouillon contains no animal products whatsoever, making it the perfect alternative to meat gravy for vegetarians and vegans. One more way that it’s a perfect combination of tradition with innovation.



Nutritional Values (100 g)

Energy15 kcal
Fat0.3 g
Carbohydrates0.4 g
Protein0.4 g
Salt0.86 g
Glas (260 g) = 8.6 l (34 Port.)


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