Oswald as Employer

Why Oswald as an employer?

Oswald als Arbeitgeber

Because we as a company are looking back on over 70 years of company tradition, without missing out on progress and thus looking forward to a promising future!

Because people come first and are our top priority. We are totally aware that people are as diverse as our excellent products.

Because we are proud to entrust our employees with our most valuable asset: our customers!

Because we are passionate about constantly developing and perfecting our products and services so that we can continue to offer our customers an outstanding, personal experience each time they get in contact with Oswald.

Oswald offers you a challenging job in a dynamic work environment. Are you curious to get to know us better?


Client advisor: « If you work properly, Oswald offers your very good earning opportunities. »

I have been working as a client advisor for Oswald for almost two years now. I was very well introduced to my new role and was able to quickly gain a foothold in my working area. I quickly managed to get to know and give advice to already existing customers. I visit them at home about three times a year. I was also able to win many new customers for our company. My new job is really a lot of fun and I represented Oswald participating at trade fairs.

My revenue depends on my sales success, so its kind of an incentive wage. That's exactly what I was looking for and Oswald offers me the opportunity to earn good money. On the other hand, this means that there is a corresponding commitment from my side as well. However, I can see the success achieved with diligence, ambition and discipline directly on my payroll.

Client advisor: «I was able to build my own sales area».

I grew up with Oswald products and got to know the taste and quality of Oswald myself. Oswald’s covers a really wide product range and all products are excellent. In addition, they are manufactured in a small factory in Steinhausen. This is an additional advantage for my customers to buy Oswald products.

I independently attend and respond to my own selling area. Within a few years I was able to build up a large customer base. The very good and mostly long-standing relationship with my customers enriches and motivates me a lot. Every day is different and that is a great and varied challenge: if the customer is satisfied and happy, that’s my case too!

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