Oswald – a Swiss success story

Meinrad Oswald

From a one-man enterprise to a flourishing company

From a young age, Meinrad Oswald was fascinated by the raw materials produced in faraway lands. Good taste was his passion, and for this reason at the age of just 20 he bought a small coffee roasting business in Zurich. He sold his products directly to his customers without retail intermediaries. This personal customer contact was his recipe for success. 

Oswald Laden

In addition to coffee roasting, Meinrad Oswald also devoted a great deal of attention towards the discovery of unique spices. This resulted in spice blends, bouillons and sauces which, to this day, have aromas and flavours that set them well apart from conventional mixtures. “Oswald’s fine cuisine” was born. The one-man enterprise rapidly developed into a successful company with its own retail outlets and employees who visited and advised customers at home. From the earliest days, Oswald exemplified what marketing experts today call “customer proximity”. Home visits, customer discussions, listening attentively, divining wishes, developing and offering products on the basis of this – he greatly enjoyed all these things.

alte Spedition

1958 New production site in Steinhausen/ZG

In 1958 Oswald opened a new production facility in Steinhausen/ZG with new production plants for powder and paste mixtures. From the outset, the product range has been continuously expanded and adapted in accordance with contemporary nutritional trends. This has required the production plants to be brought into line with the latest technologies.


2011: 60th anniversary year with world record and coffee capsule system

To mark the occasion of its 60th anniversary, the company Oswald extended its product range to include mixes for cakes and muffins, and launched these with a world record: within one hour, employees sold 6,060 muffins.

Kafffekapsel-Erfinder Eric Favre

Oswald coffee capsule system

Oswald brought its coffee tradition up to date: with the Oswald !
Together with the coffee capsule inventor Eric Favre, Oswald perfected the coffee capsule system.


Oswald Fabrik

Today: customer-oriented Swiss company

Over recent years the company has developed from a small family-run enterprise into a strong and modern food business. Today 110 individuals work in the fields of production and administration in Steinhausen (Canton of Zug), producing over 160 products. The company continues to place tremendous importance upon personal contacts and exchanges with customers to this day. One of the most successful Oswald products, for example, the fat-free Bouillon , was developed in response to customer feedback.

Our 200 customer advisors advise several hundred thousand customers by paying home visits throughout Switzerland. Oswald fans can place orders either directly with them, via the online shop or at trade fairs and markets.


Image film

Treat yourself to a couple of minutes of visual enjoyment and delve into the fascinating world of Oswald. You will discover how our spice products, bouillons and soups are created in Steinhausen/Zug, and will be able to watch Oswald employees at work. Enjoy!

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