Product Lines

Oswald – That’s what home tastes like.

The Oswald range is comprised of almost 300 products. These include seasoning blends, bouillons and soups, as well as sauces, ice teas, desserts, coffees and teas. To help you to find your way around our products more quickly, we have divided our products into three lines: Classics, Natural Treasures and Regional Favourites. Each of our lines has its own unique charm.

Classics - Refined with love

The Classics make up the foundation of Oswald’s product range. You will find traditional and high-quality Oswald spice mixes that bring a familiar taste and quality onto the plate each day. Our Classics are everyday products such as seasoning blends, bouillons and sauces, which have been refined by Oswald employees and have since become the most popular products in Switzerland.

Natural Treasures – Nature’s best

The Natural Treasures with natural ingredients are the best solution for all food connoisseurs, for whom good taste is as important as the purity of the ingredients. This is why Oswald have reinvented their best recipes from scratch and perfected their exceptional taste with natural ingredients.

Regional Favourites - Our homeland’s best

With Regional Favourites, we say thanks to our homeland which gifts us wonderful spices, flavours and ingredients. The raw ingredients that are cultivated, harvested and processed with great care in Switzerland make Regional Favourites very special.

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