Flawless Quality. That's how you could describe Oswald’s claim to our own products. This is because Oswald is not only a traditionally Swiss company, but we also stand for traditional Swiss quality. Our quality does not allow for any exceptions in taste, service, processing and production, or with the ingredients used.

That is why the highest quality standards apply to all areas with Oswald. This makes our products not only the best on the Swiss market, but also the most reliable. When you purchase from Oswald, you know that you’ll get Oswald’s quality from start to finish.

Our quality assurance begins before the actual production, because what goes into our products is strictly checked and selected in advance. This includes both the quality of the raw ingredients supplied and the strict requirements regarding fair employment conditions and environmental protection. This is not only at Oswald, but along the entire supply chain.

Oswald also places importance on top quality production. That is why our products are manufactured under the strictest hygiene regulations. In addition to a thorough inspection, there are specific hygiene standards within the company, such as those related to work clothing and personal hygiene. In order to rule out any defects, all of our products are also subjected to thorough quality control before they are sold.

An excellent product also includes an excellent product recipe, which is why we also focus on quality. Our recipes do not contain preservatives of any kind, our new developments do not contain any flavour enhancers and the use of environmentally harmful palm oil is completely avoided. Plus, to make sure you can really taste it, we develop our products with the intention to not just exceed the industry standard in taste, but also redefine it.

Last but not least, Oswald’s quality also includes our unique advice. Our customer advisers not only know every detail of all of our products, but more specifically how they taste, the allergens they contain and the best methods of storage. At Oswald, we are very proud of this.

We are committed to this quality standard. That is why all of our customers receive a 14-day refund guarantee on every product they buy. So if you are not satisfied with one of our products, you will get your money back within the first two weeks.

Oswald - Quality since 1951.

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