Sustainability is part of Oswald’s quality. That is why we are actively committed to our three areas of sustainability and why we pursue important goals in each of them:


Sustainability is firmly anchored within the Oswald identity. Economic goals and measures are consciously developed and regularly evaluated. Employees benefit from attractive working conditions which actively boost them. Further training is welcomed and financially supported and the return to work after maternity leave is discussed and scheduled together.

There is a balanced range of catering services, which are optimised and expanded wherever possible. At Oswald, apprentices are trained in various professions from customer advisers to food practitioners. With our methods, we ensure that there are young people in the most important professions.


Especially in today's world, it is important to develop an awareness of the environment. That is why our products are continuously optimised from an ecological point of view by reducing the CO2 footprint, making our packaging recyclable and reducing the general use of packaging material. Our efforts also include the use of recycled products for paper and corporate stationery, as well as the use of sustainable tasting materials for use at trade fairs and markets.

In addition, Oswald obtains 100% green electricity from a Swiss river power station. Energy-saving potential is identified and implemented, through training courses on energy-saving working methods or the use of LED lamps. In addition, the ventilation system we use during production allows temperature regulation without the use of air conditioning.


Oswald is also involved in the social sector. We maintain numerous partnerships with institutions that support people with special needs. In addition, various product donations are made to organizations which can then benefit people with limited household budgets. In 2019, Oswald received the product donor vignette from the organization "Tischlein deck dich" for the first time. Oswald also runs a soup campaign at the end of each fiscal year in which our employees serve many litres of Oswald soup to people in need - completely free of charge.

Staying true to the motto "It tastes best together", Oswald cares for people and the environment wholeheartedly.

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