Oswald’s at home is in Switzerland. Our brand embodies the Swiss art of cooking and has done so for almost 70 years. It is only natural that our products contain as much Swiss influence as possible. This is not only across the entire product range, but also in everything around it.

So whenever possible, the cultivation, care and harvesting of our raw ingredients are carried out by a Swiss company. With our Regional Favourites line, we have even created a range of products with which we support local agriculture, made exclusively with the best ingredients from our beautiful homeland.

We also emphasise the great importance of genuine Swiss quality in our production, so when our valuable raw ingredients arrive in Steinhausen, they are processed locally to make our unique creations without further transportation.

It is no wonder that Oswald’s products have become the favourites of the Swiss, as every dish that is cooked using our products has the familiar and typical Swiss taste which you can conjure up onto the plate. This unique taste is unmistakable.

Our customer advisers, who help our customers with passion, detail and a great deal of experience, know this as well. Again here, the love towards our homeland can be found. All of our customer advisers originate from the same region where they provide customers with advice and support.

Oswald - The Swiss art of cooking since 1951.

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