Christophe Schmidt Christophe Schmidt
Managing Director

My favourite Oswald product: Herby cream sauce
My tip:
Poach a freshly caught trout and cover with herby cream sauce – simply delicious!
Adrian Steiger Adrian Steiger
Division Manager Digital & Dialogmarketing

My favourite Oswald product: Summer Herbs Toscana
My tip:
Potato salad alla Nonna - thanks of the summer herbs a delight for eyes and palate!
Riccardo Dillier Riccardo Dillier
Division Manager Marketing

My favourite Oswald product: Rustica Chicken
My tip:
The Rustica Chicken seasoning gives your barbecued chicken wings the perfect golden brown crust.
Thorsten Heintzsch Thorsten Heintzsch
Division Manager Finance / IT

My favourite Oswald product: Granulated Chicken bouillon
My tip
: Bring bouillon to boil and then poach chicken in it - very delicate and low-fat.
Pascal Muriset Pascal Muriset
Division Manager Sales Switzerland and Austria

My favourite Oswald product: Rosemary-Salt Shaker
My tip
: Buy a delicate piece of beef steak at the local butcher shop. Spread a bit of olive oil on both sides of the steak and barbecue it to perfection. Then flavor it with the rosemary-salt seasoning – you will enjoy a declicious steak!
Patrick Van Balkom Patrick Van Balkom
Division Manager Supply Chain / CRC

My favourite Oswald product: Agliata
My tip:
Goes wonderfully well with a pink roasted rack of lamb with an agliata crust: melt some butter in the pan, add breadcrumbs and agliata, and spread over the meat.