Why Oswald

Oswald tastes good since 1951.


Tradition and innovation is what defines Oswald. Founded in 1951 by Meinrad Oswald, the company is constantly developing its product range and adapting it to current nutritional trends, without forgetting its roots. An important part of this is our passion for the best raw ingredients. 

The skill of our employees, careful processing in Steinhausen and our highest quality standards have resulted in continuous new and wonderful creations for the domestic kitchen for 70 years. These stand out clearly from the standard products available on the market, through their fine taste and smell. Oswald tastes homemade, Oswald tastes like home. 

Overall, Oswald stands for the Swiss art of cooking. Only with Oswald can you conjure up a typical Swiss taste in your dishes. With almost 300 different products, Oswald offers a wide variety of culinary delights. From different blends of spices, bouillons and sauces, to desserts and coffee, the connoisseur's heart will find everything they desire with Oswald. 

Through constant research exploring new flavours and the fine products at our production facility in Steinhausen, we are keeping up with the latest trends to ensure that you can discover new cooking and eating pleasures. 

Oswald has always placed a great emphasis on personality. Even our founder knew that personal advice is what makes the small but significant difference. That is why over 150 passionate connoisseurs work as Oswald customer advisers throughout Switzerland, to share their expertise with our customers and support them, not only with information about the products, but also with tips and tricks and original recipe ideas. This is also part of Oswald’s quality. 

We stand by this, because our quality obliges us to. That is why our customers can have a full refund on all of our products within 14 days if they are not satisfied. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the delicious world of Oswald.

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