Liquid herbs Local Treasures Discovery package - Available from 01.06.2021

Liquid herbs Local Treasures Discovery package - Available from 01.06.2021

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Ideal for getting to know: The new liquid herbs Local Treasures in the discovery package with the two exciting varieties Garden Magic and Ticino Dream.

The purée is packed with aromatic Swiss herbs that will conjure up a pleasant herbal note in any dish. Thanks to their form they mix particularly well with liquid or semi-solid ingredients or dishes, incorporating the intense herby flavour directly into your cooking. This makes them perfect for seasoning and thinning all kinds of dishes, marinading meat, fish or oven vegetables, or preparing herb breads, butters or quark – all with no need for hours of simmering or brewing. Since our liquid herbs are lactose-free, they’re also ideal for vegetarian and vegan cooking. You’ll love our “Garden Magic” flavour, bursting with herbs such as chives, thyme, parsley and lovage for a delicious fresh-out-of-the-garden flavour, as well as the “Ticino Dream” flavour, with its fine notes of typical Mediterranean herbs such as thyme, parsley, oregano, marjoram and basil. Liquid Herbs Local Treasures are made in Switzerland.

The Liquid Herbs Local Treasures Discovery package is currently not available and will be available again from 01.06.2021. All subsequent deliveries are free of shipping costs.

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