Gluten free
Without lactose
Without celery
Without glutamate
Végétal Sea-Salt Bouillon

Végétal Sea-Salt Bouillon

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With Oswald's Végétal Sea-Salt Bouillon, give your meals the wonderful taste of vegetables. Perfect for a variety of dishes


Oswald’s Végétal Sea-Salt bouillon with sea-salt and seven different vegetables is ideal for your kitchen. Végétal Sea-Salt Bouillon gives meals the natural taste of vegetables. Our powdered vegetable bouillon is perfect for a variety of dishes by simply sprinkling into boiling water or over vegetables. This product is produced in Switzerland.

How to cook with the Végétal Sea-Salt Bouillon:

To cook with the Végétal Sea-Salt Bouillon for 2 portions, dissolve 1 tablespoon of powder (11g) into 500ml of boiling water and stir well. Give your dishes a more consistent taste by adding a larger amount of powder or create a softer taste by choosing a lower amount of powder in your recipes, as well as adding more water.


Ingredients of the Végétal Sea-Salt Bouillon from Oswald:
The Végétal Sea-Salt Bouillon contains yeast extract, sea salt 27%, maltodextrin, flavourings (soy), table salt, seasoning (soy), dried vegetables mix 3.5% (onions, potatoes, carrots, pepper, leek, tomatoes, zucchini), sugar, dried herbs (parsley, chervil), rapeseed and sunflower oil, spices, carrot juice powder, pepper extract.


Size of the Végétal Sea-Salt Bouillon:

The Végétal Sea-Salt Bouillon is available in a size of 190g or 550g.


Oswald recommends using this bouillon for:

The Végétal Sea-Salt Bouillon is great for soups, sauces, meat dishes, rice, pasta and potato dishes.

Nutritional information about the Végétal Sea-Salt Bouillon from Oswald:

Without Gluten*, Without Lactose, Vegan, Without Celery, Without Sodium Glutamate

Contains Soya

  100 ml Bouillon250 ml Bouillon
Energy5 kcal11 kcal
Fat0 g0 g
Carbohydrates0.5 g1.2 g
Protein0.6 g1.5 g
Salt0.89 g2.2 g
Piccolo can (190 g) = 8.2 l (32 port.)
Standard can (550 g) = 23.9 l (96 port.)
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