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Espresso Coffee (24 capsules)

Espresso Coffee (24 capsules)

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Espresso Coffee Capsules from Oswald's coffee range combine Arabica beans from South America with the intensity of Robusta beans from India

With Oswald’s Espresso Coffee Capsules, the fiery character of Arabica beans from South and Central America are complemented by the intensity of Robusta beans from India. When combined, this makes up a spirited coffee blend you can’t ignore, so nothing can stand in the way of you enjoying a real Italian espresso!These coffee capsules contain at least 10% more content than those of the market leader, a guarantee for full enjoyment! This coffee product is produced in Italy.


How to prepare the Espresso Coffee Capsules from Oswald’s Coffees:

The Espresso Coffee Capsules can be used with an Oswald Coffee Machine. All you have to do is insert the capsule into the slot and use the machine to brew your coffee. Allow the drink to cool slightly before enjoying as intended.


Ingredients of the Espresso Coffee Capsules from Oswald:

The Espresso Coffee Capsules contain 80% Arabica coffee (Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala) and 20% Robusta coffee (India).


Strength of the coffee:



Nutritional information about the Espresso Coffee Capsules from Oswald:

With Caffeine, Without Gluten, Zero Sugar, Without Lactose, Vegan

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