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Ticino Espresso Coffee Beans

Ticino Espresso Coffee Beans

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Try Oswald's Ticino Espresso Coffee Beans and enjoy a well-crafted fine coffee. For a balanced and mildly bitter flavour

If you would like to enjoy a more sophisticated coffee, it is time to try Oswald’s Ticino Espresso Coffee Beans. This espresso made from pure Arabica beans produces a well-rounded espresso with a balanced and mildly bitter flavour.Grind the beans with a coffee grinder before using the ground coffee with your favourite coffee maker. Enjoy a distinct espresso and relax with the fine taste of coffee. This coffee is produced in Switzerland.


How to prepare the Ticino Espresso Coffee Beans from Oswald’s Coffees:

This product is available as coffee beans and must be ground down first using a coffee grinder. Once you have the ground coffee, it can be heated alongside water within a variety of coffee makers, such as a French press or an espresso maker to produce the coffee of your choice.


Ingredients of the Ticino Espresso Coffee Beans from Oswald:

100% Arabica coffee (Brazil, Columbia, Costa-Rica).


Strength of the coffee:



Nutritional information about the Ticino Espresso Coffee Beans from Oswald:

With Caffeine, Without Gluten*, Zero Sugar, Without Lactose, Vegan

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