Here you’ll find answers to the most frequent questions raised in regard to myOswald – the Oswald bonus programme.


How can I subscribe to and unsubscribe from myOswald?

You don’t need to subscribe to myOswald. As an Oswald customer you’re automatically included in the promotion. But you have to register in order to collect and redeem online shop points. You can always unsubscribe. Simply access your account and click the “Unsubscribe from myOswald” button. Please note that by doing so, any Oswald points you have remaining on your account will lapse.

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Collect & redeem

How can I collect Oswald points?

As a registered customer you collect Oswald points with each purchase you make. These are automatically credited to your account.

Do I have to register to benefit from the myOswald special offers?

Yes, you first have to register in order to benefit from myOswald special offers.

Where can I register?

Click here to go straight to registration.

How can I redeem my Oswald points?

You can always redeem the points you’ve collected for exclusive myOswald special offers. The myOswald packages are specifically marked as such in the online shop. You must be logged on, however, to buy these packages.

Do I get points for all Oswald products?

Yes, you can collect Oswald points for all our products.

Can I also redeem my Oswald points from my customer service representative or at an Oswald store, etc.?

Yes you can – the only exceptions are when you make purchases at trade fairs and markets.

How long do Oswald points last for to remain valid?

Your Oswald points are valid for at least one year and a maximum of two. Points lose their validity on 31 December of each year.

Can I redeem Oswald points more than once?

No, you can only once redeem the Oswald points you have collected.

What should I do if I don’t have enough Oswald points to benefit from a special offer?

You can only benefit from exclusive myOswald special offers if you have enough points. This means you first have to collect the points you need by making a purchase.

Can I also pay for regular Oswald products and promotions with my points?

No, you can only redeem your points for the designated myOswald special offers.

Where can I retrieve the current balance of my Oswald points?

You can always review your current number of points under your user account. Haven’t found an answer to your question? Please contact us on this contact form .