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Liquid Seasoning

Liquid Seasoning

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With Oswald's Liquid Seasoning, a natural soya seasoning with a special touch, create a wonderful new taste within your dishes

The Liquid Seasoning is a perfect Asian Spice to provide a wonderful new taste to your dishes. Explore new recipes by using this natural soya seasoning that surprises with its special touch. Liquid Seasoning will improve your recipes instantly! This soy sauce is easy-to-apply and it is also a lactose free product. The soy sauce will add a refined flavour to your recipes. This seasoning product is produced in Switzerland.


How to use the Liquid Seasoning from Oswald:

Take some Liquid Seasoning, add it to your dish and mixwell. If you have never tried this seasoning, it is advisable to add a small amount at the beginning to get to know the taste and then add it until it reaches your desired taste. You can now enjoy your delicious recipe with Liquid Seasoning.


Ingredients of the Liquid Seasoning from Oswald:

The Liquid Seasoning, 410g, seasoning containssoy sauce (water, soy beanwheat, table salt), yeast extract, iod. table salt, flavour enhancer (monosodium glutamate), flavouring (soy), acid (citric acid).


Flavour of the Seasonings:

Liquid Seasoning – A liquid soy sauce seasoning which gives dishes a special touch!


Oswald recommends using the Seasonings for:

The Liquid Seasoning is great for rice and sushi dishes.

* Without gluten means: The list of ingredients for this product does not include any ingredients containing gluten. The classification has been made on the basis of the raw materials data utilised. All information relates only to the sales product - preparation factors are not taken into account.

  100 ml Würze1 Portion (2 ml)
Energy78 kcal2 kcal
Fat< 0.5 g0 g
Carbohydrates8.0 g0.2 g
Protein11 g0.2 g
Salt19.0 g0.38 g
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