4 Shakers Seasoning Set

4 Shakers Seasoning Set

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Introduce yourself to Oswald’s 4 Shakers Seasoning Set, a versatile range of fine herbs and tasters of our top seasonings

The 4 Shakers Seasoning Set is the perfect set to introduce yourself to Oswald’s versatile range of fine herbs. Now you can try tasters of our top seasoning products. This marvellous shaker set includes “Salad Mix Classic”, “Rustica Classic”, “Mixed Herbs” and “Herb Sea Salt” flavourings, ideal for trying out with your dishes. With the 4 Shakers Seasoning Set, bring your meals to live with minimal effort and adjust the strength accordingly. Experience a wide range of sumptuous flavours with ease! Oswald’s seasonings are produced in Switzerland.


How to use the 4 Shakers Seasoning Set from Oswald:

Take a pinch of flavouring and mix it thoroughly into your dish, spreading evenly into all areas. Test the strength of the flavour before, starting with a smaller quantity and add more flavouring to add to the strength of flavour.


Ingredients of the 4 Shakers Seasoning Set from Oswald:

The Salad Mix Classic, 70g, seasoning contains Iod. table salt, spices (onions, garlic, mustard powder, white pepper a.o.), sugar, glucose, lactose, maltodextrin, yeast extract, dried parsley, coco oil, rapeseed oil, table salt, release agent (silicon dioxide), glucose syrup powder, flavouring (celery), milk protein powder.


The Rustica Classic, 70g, seasoning contains Iod. table salt, spices 24% (paprika, onions, garlic, white pepper, coriander a.o.) and curry (lovage, caraway, white pepper, coriander, garlic, black pepper, fenugreek, nutmeg, lovage root, cumin, dill, onion, cayenne pepper, turmeric), sugar, flavouring (wheat gluten free), dried herbs 8% (oregano, marjoram, dill a.o.), maltodextrin, dried sweet pepper, rapeseed and sunflower oil, yeast extract, release agent (silicon dioxide), glucose sirop.


The Mixed Herbs, 100g, seasoning contains Sea salt, spices 34% (paprika, coriander, white pepper, onion, garlic, turmeric, rosemary, thyme, nutmeg) and curry, yeast extract, acacia fibres, sugar, rapeseed oil, lemon juice powder (sugar, lemon, salt).


The Herb Sea Salt, 70g, seasoning contains Sea salt 55% (France), maltodextrin, dried herbs 10% (parsley, dill, basil, summer savory, estragon, oregano a.o.), spices 9% (onions, garlic, celery root and -seeds, white pepper a.o.), seasoning (soy), dried pepper, microalgae powder (spirulina), olive oil, acid (citric acid) sunflower oil.


Flavour of the Seasonings:

Salad Mix Classic – Conjure up the taste of fresh herbs on your plate in an instant.

Rustica Classic – A smoky flavour to add a kick to your dishes, ideal for meat.

Mixed Herbs – A natural and delicate seasoning, suitable for any type of meat, fish or vegetable dish.

Herb Sea Salt – Mediterranean herbs combined with sea salt and olive oil


Oswald recommends using the Seasonings for:         

The 4 Shakers Seasoning Set is great for salads, meat, fish and vegetable dishes.

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