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Herba Mix Seasoning

Herba Mix Seasoning

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Oswald's Herba Mix Seasoning is a kitchen cupboard essential which you will be delighted to own and cook with

Oswald’s Herba Mix Seasoning is a rich herb mix for salads, vegetables and sauces. This herb mix from Oswald is an essential for your kitchen cupboard which you will be delighted to haveWhether you plan to use it as a main seasoning or simply to refine dishes, this mix always develops a glorious herb taste. Delight your family and your dinner guests by simply adding a little Herba Mix Seasoning! This seasoning is produced in Switzerland. 


How to use the Herba Mix Seasoning from Oswald:  

The Herba Mix Seasoning is easy to add whether you would like to use it as a main seasoning or simply to add a new flavour to a dish. Sprinkle on top of a dish or stir into a meal, and the taste will be complete. You can adjust the strength by adding more or less seasoning. 


Ingredients of the Herba Mix Seasoning from Oswald: 

Herba Mix Seasoning, 20g, contains freeze-dried herbs (parsley 50%, spring onion rings 30%, chives 10%, chopped onions 5%, chopped garlic 5%). 


Flavour of the Seasoning:  

Herba Mix Seasoning – A glorious seasoning with freeze-dried herbs and spring onions provides an irresistible, fresh flavour. 


Oswald recommends using this Seasoning for: 

This seasoning is great to use with meat, vegetables, salads and dips. 

  100 g Kräuter1 Portion (1 g)
Energy307 kcal3 kcal
Fat2.3 g0 g
Carbohydrates44 g0.4 g
Protein17 g0.2 g
Salt0.3 g0 g
1 g = 1 Port.
Piccolo can (15 g) = 15 Port.
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