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"Merci" Seasonings Gift Box

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With Oswald's "Merci" Seasonings Gift Box, show your appreciation to a loved one. A collection of three well-loved seasoning products

With the "Merci" Seasonings Gift Box, you can show a loved one your appreciation with a collection of three of Oswald’s well-loved seasoning products. The “Merci” Seasonings Gift Box contains Rosemary-Salt Seasoning, Chili-Salt Seasoning and the Raclette-Fondue Seasoning Mill. Bring your dishes to life with this fine selection of herbs and spices. This product is produced in Switzerland.


How to use the "Merci" Seasonings Gift Box from Oswald:

Twist the mill containing the seasoning you require lightly over your dish whilst cooking, or even once the meal has been prepared. For a milder flavour, use less seasoning or alternatively, to increase the flavour, apply more.


Ingredients of the "Merci" Seasonings Gift Box from Oswald:

Rosemary-Salt Seasoning, 75g, contains sea salt 87% (Belgium), rosemary* 9%, table salt, cornflowers* 1%, flavouring (rosemary extract). *dried.


Chili-Salt Seasoning, 75g, contains sea salt 82% (Belgium), red & green jalapenos* 12%, chili* 6%. *dried.


Raclette-Fondue Seasoning Mill, 51g, contains black pepper 34%, garlic*, onions*, peppers*, cumin seed, sea salt 6%, mustard seeds, coriander seeds, allspice seed, chili*. *dried.


Flavour of the Seasoning:

Rosemary-Salt Seasoning – An intensive and fresh seasoning with a taste of rosemary and salt.

Chili-Salt Seasoning - This hot seasoning contains green jalapenos and dried chilli pieces to add a welcome kick to your dishes.

Raclette-Fondue Seasoning Mill - An essential blend of pepper, dried garlic, onions and caraway seeds.


Oswald recommends using this Seasoning for:          

This set is perfect to use to add variety and depth of flavour to meat, vegetables, stews and dairy dishes.

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