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Pepico Rosso

Pepico Rosso

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With Oswald's Pepico Rosso Seasoning you can no longer go wrong. Contains a delightful blend of paprika, pepper and rosemary

The Pepico Rosso Seasoning from Oswald is a great seasoning for red meat, poultry, vegetables and tofu. Discover why so many people love Pepico Rosso Seasoning, a racy marinade with paprika, pepper and rosemary. The seasoning is a versatile product that will bring a very special touch to all your dishes thanks to its natural herbs and spices. Pepico Rosso Seasoning is a genuine classic from Oswald, which contains aromatic spices of the highest quality. This seasoning is produced in Switzerland.


How to use the Pepico Rosso Seasoning from Oswald:

To prepare Oswald’s Pepico Rosso Seasoning you just have to add the marinade to your red meat, poultry, vegetables or tofu. Remember to shake briefly the product before use and coat both sides of the food with Pepico Rosso Seasoning.


Ingredients of the Pepico Rosso Seasoning from Oswald:

Pepico Rosso Seasoning, 500 g, contains rapeseed and sunflower oil, mustard (water, mustard seeds, table vinegar, red wine vinegar, table salt, sugar, glucose, flavourings, spice), spices (paprika 5.2%, garlic, onions, curry, white pepper 1.5% a.o.), water, vinegar [alcohol vinegar, iod. table salt, mustard, flavourings, (soy), gluten], iod. table salt, sugar, dried herbs (rosemary 1%, oregano, thyme, marjoram, parsley), seasoning (soy), maltodextrin, table salt, soy sauce (soybeans, wheat, table salt), glucose and paprika extract.


Flavour of the Seasonings

Oswald’s Pepico Rosso Seasoning – Combines paprika and rosemary flavours with pepper, vinegar and oil.


Oswald recommends using the Seasoning for:

The Pepico Rosso Seasoning is great for marinating red meat, poultry, vegetables and tofu.

* Without gluten means: The list of ingredients for this product does not include any ingredients containing gluten. The classification has been made on the basis of the raw materials data utilised. All information relates only to the sales product - preparation factors are not taken into account.

  100 g Marinade1 Portion (15 g) Marinade
Energy286 kcal43 kcal
Fat20 g3.0 g
Carbohydrates20 g3.0 g
Protein5.0 g0.8 g
Salt10.7 g1.6 g
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