Pepico Trio

Pepico Trio

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Oswald's Pepico Trio Seasonings are a welcome addition to your cupboard. A pack of Oswald's three most famous seasonings

Pepico Trio Seasonings is a pack of three of Oswald's most famous seasonings. Pepico Classic is the most used, as it can be included in any dish due to its captivating taste. Pepico Aglio has a fresh garlic flavour and Pepico Mustard & Honey is ideal for cooking fish and chicken. Try our varieties of spices and give a new touch to your recipes! Oswald’s seasonings are produced in Switzerland.


How to use the Pepico Trio Seasonings from Oswald:

Choose the flavour you would like from Pepico Classic, Pepico Aglio or Pepico Mustard & Honey and use a teaspoon to add the exact amount of these aromatic spices to your dishes or try taking a pinch and adding it to your dish in a creative way.


Ingredients of the Pepico Trio Seasonings from Oswald:

Pepico Classic, 250g, contains rapeseed oil 25%, mustard 22% (water, mustard grains, table vinegar, red wine vinegar, table salt, sugar, glucose, flavourings, spice), water, vinegar [alcohol vinegar, iod. table salt, mustard, flavourings (soy), wheat gluten], iod. table salt, flavor enhancer (monosodium glutamate), spices (garlic, paprika a.o.), table salt, dried herbs, soy sauce (water, soybeans, wheat, table salt), lactose, dried pepper, yeast extract, tomato powder, thickener (guar gum, xanthan gum), sugar, acid (citric acid), beetroot juice, powder, flavourings.


Pepico Aglio, 250g, contains sunflower and rapeseed oil 28%, mustard 17% (water, mustard seeds, table vinegar, red wine vinegar, table salt, sugar, glucose, spice), vinegar [alcohol vinegar, iod. table salt, mustard, flavourings (soy), wheat gluten], water, dried garlic 9%, palm fat, iod. table salt, flavour enhancer (monosodium glutamate), table salt, soy sauce (soybeans, wheat), thickener (guar gum, xanthan gum), yeast extract, flavourings, acidifier (citric acid), turmeric.


Pepico Mustard & Honey, 250g, contains dijonnaise mustard 26% [water, mustard seeds, table vinegar and fruit vinegar, table salt, antioxidant (potassium disulphite)], rapeseed and sunflower oil, vinegar [alcohol vinegar, iod. table salt, mustard, flavourings (soy), gluten], honey 8.7%, water, iod. table salt, spices (garlic, paprika, onion powder a.o.), sugar, seasoning (soy), flavourings (moutarde), tomato powder, maltodextrin, mod. starch, table salt, soy sauce (soybeans, wheat).


Flavour of the Seasoning:

Pepico Classic Seasoning – Add a characteristic flavour to your dish with this aromatic spice mix.

Pepico Aglio Seasoning – The taste of fresh garlic is always delicious due to its versatility.

Pepico Mustard & Honey Seasoning – A strong flavour of mustard combined with the sweetness of honey gives your recipes the right taste.


Oswald recommends using this Seasoning for:          

Pepico Trio Seasoning is great for salads, meat, fish, pasta and vegetable dishes

* Without gluten means: The list of ingredients for this product does not include any ingredients containing gluten. The classification has been made on the basis of the raw materials data utilised. All information relates only to the sales product - preparation factors are not taken into account.

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