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Raclette-Fondue Seasoning Mix

Raclette-Fondue Seasoning Mix

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With Oswald's Raclette-Fondue Seasoning Mix, give a distinctive touch to your cheese dishes. Contains paprika, cumin and pepper

Raclette-Fondue Seasoning Mix is a combination of herbs and spices such as paprika, cumin and pepper, which with its characteristic flavours is perfect for seasoning and to give a distinctive touch to your cheese dishes. Feel the intense flavour of these aromatic spices and freshen up your meals and dinners! This seasoning is produced in Switzerland.


How to use the Raclette-Fondue Seasoning Mix from Oswald:

Add Raclette-Fondue Seasoning Mix so you can give a distinctive note to the taste of your cheese dishes. Add this type of spice, especially tasty and slightly spicy, using a teaspoon or by sprinkling your over your dish with your fingers. The taste is at your fingertips!


Ingredients of the Raclette-Fondue Seasoning Mix from Oswald:

Raclette-Fondue Seasoning Mix, 190g, contains dried paprika and peppers 36%, black pepper 14%, iod. table salt, dried garlic, dried onions, brown mustard, coriander, lovage, rapeseed oil, nutmeg, caraway, release agent (silicium dioxide).


Flavour of the Seasoning:

Raclette-Fondue Seasoning Mix – Sweet and spicy flavour, with light notes of pepper and cumin, which will uncover the hidden flavour of your cheese dishes.


Oswald recommends using this Seasoning for:          

Raclette-Fondue Seasoning Mix is great for refining cheese dishes.

  100 g Pulver1 Portion (2 g)
Energy300 kcal6 kcal
Fat10 g0.2 g
Carbohydrates33 g0.7 g
Protein10 g02 g
Salt14.2 g0.28 g
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