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Rosemary-Salt Seasoning

Rosemary-Salt Seasoning

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You can now try Oswald's Rosemary-Salt Seasoning with its carefully chosen high-quality coarse grain sea salt, rosemary and cornflowers

Rosemary-Salt Seasoning is a seasoning blend of herbs and spices that serves to enrich your dishes by giving them a saltier and tastier touch thanks to high-quality coarse-grained sea salt, rosemary and cornflowers. While tasting your food you can find certain touches of aromatic spices alongside a herby taste. Discover all the flavours that sea salt can give to your dishes in combination with other spices. This seasoning is produced in Switzerland.


How to use the Rosemary-Salt Seasoning from Oswald:

Rosemary-Salt Seasoning can be used in many ways. In addition to the traditional way that can be used with a teaspoon or with your own fingers, you can also get it in a glass grinder format, so you can feel the richness of the freshly ground spices in each of the recipes you prepare.


Ingredients of the Rosemary-Salt Seasoning from Oswald:

Rosemary-Salt Seasoning, 75g, contains sea salt 87% (Belgium), dried rosemary 9%, table salt, dried cornflower 1%, flavouring (rosemary extract).


Flavour of the Seasoning:

Rosemary-Salt Seasoning – Different salty notes are mixed with the most distinguished herbs and spices, such as rosemary and cornflowers, giving each of your dishes a genuine personality.


Oswald recommends using this Seasoning for:          

Rosemary-Salt Seasoning is perfect for meat and fish dishes, as well as any kind of vegetable dish.

  100 g Pulver1 Portion (1 g)
Energy36 kcal0 g
Fat1.4 g0 g
Carbohydrates4.7 g0 g
Protein0.5 g0 g
Salt88.8 g0.89 g
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