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Early Morning Organic Tea

Early Morning Organic Tea

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Oswald's Early Morning Organic Tea is a timeless classic with a special twist, the fruity flavour of organically grown blueberries

Oswald’s Early Morning Organic Tea is the perfect way to start your day. This timeless classic is a delightful tea with a welcome Swiss twist. The fruity flavour of organically grown blueberries guarantees a refreshing beverage to begin your morning. So why not try our Early Morning Organic Tea, the perfect way to wake you up!Early Morning Organic Tea is available with instant delivery. This tea is produced in Switzerland.


How to prepare the Early Morning Organic Tea from Oswald’s Teas:

Oswald’s teas are very easy to prepare. To enjoy our Early Morning Organic Tea you just need to use between one and two grams of tea for every 250ml of hot water, between 85 and 90°C. Brew Oswald’s tea for three minutes and discover its delicious taste. You can brew the Early Morning Organic Tea for longer to increase its strength or less time to weaken the flavour. Enjoy the benefits of tea.


Ingredients of the Early Morning Organic Tea from Oswald:

The Early Morning Organic Tea contains black tea*, natural bergamot flavouring*, Swiss blueberries* 2%. *from organic agriculture


Strength of the tea:



Nutritional information about the Early Morning Organic Tea from Oswald:

With Caffeine, Without Gluten*, Zero Sugar, Without Lactose, Vegetarian, Vegan.

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