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Spicy Moments Organic Tea

Spicy Moments Organic Tea

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With Oswald's Spicy Moments Organic Tea, gain a daily boost of spices from the delicate blend of flavours included within

Spicy Moments Organic Tea has been created for aspecial moment in your day and the Indian black tea contained within is in a class of its own. This special blend for lovers of spiced flavours has a mild sweet note. Enjoy your quota of daily spices with this delicate blend of flavours, including liquorice root, ginger, natural aniseed, pepper and cardamom, rounded off with Swiss lemon balm. This tea is produced in Switzerland.


How to prepare the Spicy Moments Organic Tea from Oswald’s Teas:

Oswald’s teas are very easy to prepare. To enjoy our Spicy Moments Organic Tea you just need to use between one and two grams of tea for every 250ml of hot water, between 85 and 90°C. Brew Oswald’s tea for 3 minutes and discover its delicious taste. You can brew the Spicy Moments Organic Tea for longer to increase its strength or less time to weaken the flavour. Enjoy the benefits of tea.


Ingredients of the Spicy Moments OrganicTea from Oswald:

The Spicy Moments Organic Tea contains black tea*, liquorice root*, ginger*, Swiss lemon balm* 4%, natural anise flavouring*, cloves*, natural pepper and cardamom flavouring. *from organic agriculture


Strength of the tea:



Nutritional information about the Spicy Moments Organic Tea from Oswald:

With Caffeine, Without Gluten*, Zero Sugar, Without Lactose, Vegetarian, Vegan

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