Tea Filters

Tea Filters

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Using Oswald's Tea Filters is the best way to enjoy the flavours of Oswald's fragrant, high-quality loose teas

Oswald’s Tea Filters come as a packet of 100 unbleached paper filters, so you can easily prepare your loose tea before enjoying.  Each filter enables you to prepare up to 0.5 litres of tea by simply pouring your tea into each filter, securing and adding hot water. This product comes with instant delivery so you can be sure to never run out of stock. Enjoy the fabulous taste of Oswald’s fresh and fragrant loose teas by using our top quality Tea Filters.


How to use the Tea Filters from Oswald’s Teas:

With Oswald’s Tea Filters, Oswald’s teas are very easy to prepare. Simply pour between one and two grams of tea into the Tea Filters for every 250ml of hot water you plan to use and secure well. Place the prepared tea filter into a cup and pour on the hot water, between 85 and 90°C. Brew Oswald’s different loose teas for 3 minutes and discover a range of delicious flavours. You can brew the teas for longer to increase their strength or less time to weaken the flavour. Enjoy the benefits of tea.


Oswald’s Tea Filters contain:

The Tea Filters contain 100 unbleached paper filters.

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