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Zero Sugar
Without lactose
Without celery
Without glutamate
Vegetable Bouillon Pure Organic Natural Treasures

Vegetable Bouillon Pure Organic Natural Treasures

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Simple and perfect – nothing but the essentials. That’s what makes our Vegetable Bouillon Pure Organic Natural Treasures so special.


Concentrate on the essentials: with its five ingredient groups – vegetables, herbs, seasoning, oil and salt – this bouillon has everything it needs for a delicious flavour and no unwanted additives such as yeast extract, sugar or flavourings. This leaves plenty of room for a high proportion of vegetables – the bouillon is 37% carrots, onions, leek, nutritious green cabbage, bell pepper and fennel, and that’s what gives it its intense, aromatic flavour. It’s rounded off with a finely balanced selection of herbs like chives, oregano, marjoram and thyme to give every meal you make that little je ne sais quoi – and, of course, it’s also delicious as a hot drink. The best thing about it: all the ingredients come from organic farms!

Our Vegetable Bouillon Pure Organic Natural Treasures makes the perfect base for vegetable soups, vegetarian risotto, seasoning roasted vegetables or as a vegetarian thin soup. Pop in an egg and strips of pancake for true Swiss Flädli style!

This Oswald bouillon is made in Switzerland.


How to cook the Vegetable Bouillon Pure Organic Natural Treasures from Oswald:

dissolve 1 slightly heaped tablespoon of powder (16 g) into 1 liter of boiling water.


The Vegetable Bouillon Pure Organic Natural Treasures contains:

sea salt, vegetable powder mix 24.3% (onions, carrots, leek, paprika, garlic, fennel), vegetable mix* 12.7% (carrots, onions, leek, kale, paprika), rapeseed oil, chives*, Swiss Alpine herbal mix* 1%, spices. *dried.
All agricultural ingredients are organically grown.

* Without gluten means: The list of ingredients for this product does not include any ingredients containing gluten. The classification has been made on the basis of the raw materials data utilised. All information relates only to the sales product - preparation factors are not taken into account.

  100 ml Bouillon zubereitet1 Portion (250 ml) Bouillon zubereitet
Energy2 kcal6 kcal
Fat0.1 g0.2 g
Carbohydrates0.3 g0.8 g
Protein0.1 g0.2 g
Salt0.90 g2.2 g
Piccolo can (200 g) = 12.5 l (50 port.)
Standard can (600 g) = 37.5l (150 port.)
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