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Whisky Pepper

Whisky Pepper

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The basis for the aromatic “1951” whisky pepper is the rare Indian Banasura Highlands pepper. It is a cross between the high-quality varieties Karimunda and Panniyur to which our pepper berries also owe their above-average size and distinctive, intense flavour. The popularity of Banasura pepper is only exceeded by its rarity, with each harvest cycle yielding just two tons. This extremely low quantity as well as the elaborate hand harvesting and the gentle drying in the Southern Indian sun are part of the reason why the Banasura Highlands pepper not only tastes incredibly rich but is also a real delicacy. For Oswald more than enough reason to make it into an incomparable product for you.



Exceptional pepper requires exceptional processing. And the second ingredient of our “1951” whisky pepper, exclusive Scottish single malt whisky, ensures the result is more than just first-class. Great Britain’s green North, an area shrouded in legend, is famous for its whisky. Together with this Scottish culinary speciality, the pepper is stored in an oak barrel and turned daily by our staff so it is fermented in the traditional way. This allows the pepper to take on the rich flavours of the whisky, giving it a remarkably down-to-earth and original character. After three weeks the pepper is then dried by Oswald experts. This exquisite combination results in a pepper, created with a lot of love, that gives every dish a unique flavour.




Our “1951” whisky pepper is as versatile in use as it is in flavour. Because the intense flavours of whisky and pepper not only go well with a fine piece of grilled meat, but also with a variety of other dishes. For example, a fresh carpaccio can be given the perfect finishing touch with our creation. But this exclusive pepper will also team up well with other culinary delights. For example, it will refine pasta dishes with a racy and unmistakable touch, and also gives creamy risotto a new, aromatic intensity. Fancy trying an Oswald potato purée seasoned with whisky pepper? There are no limits to your culinary imagination with this unique product.


Black Banasura pepper 100%, single malt whisky*.
*Alcohol 17.3 g/kg. The pepper is soaked in whisky and then dried. The flavouring of the whisky remains in the pepper.

Nutritional Values (100 g)


Without gluten

* Without gluten means: The list of ingredients for this product does not include any ingredients containing gluten. The classification has been made on the basis of the raw materials data utilised. All information relates only to the sales product - preparation factors are not taken into account.


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