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Master of craftmanship

1951 by Oswald, the Master of Craftmanship



Oswald has embodied the typical Swiss taste since 1951. From a young age, company founder Meinrad Oswald was fascinated by raw ingredients from all over the world and discovered a passion for creating unique taste experiences from exclusive ingredients. This passion for exquisite tastes and aromas continues to drive Oswald to the present day. Today, our maîtres épiciers in Steinhausen on Lake Zug still compose unique delicacies with much loving care.

The unique Oswald taste is the result of many years of experience and dedicated craftsmanship. It won Switzerland’s heart in 1951 and has been part of Swiss life ever since.

And now the pinnacle of this long-lasting passion, the “Oswald 1951” line, has been unveiled. It is a symbiosis of past and present, of tradition and innovation and carries within itself the soul of Oswald. “Oswald 1951” combines traditional production methods, meticulous handwork and rare, exquisite ingredients to produce unforgettable taste experiences of utmost quality.

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